Employee Communication Strategies

Australian Workplace Strategies understands the importance of clear and effective communication between employers and employees. We design, implement and deliver internal communication strategies for employers to ensure an effective communication channel is established with their employees.

Our public relations and communications manager Yolanda Torrisi has more than 30 years’ experience working as a journalist for Australia’s major daily newspapers and the ABC. She is a public relations consultant who has acted as the interface between employers and employees delivering company information to employees in an effective and positive manner to maintain company stability and engagement among staff.  She has managed employer to staff communication channels for various international companies in the retail, professional, sporting, medical, industrial and mining sectors.

Australian Workplace Strategies understands the communication of information to your employees needs an articulate and consistent position. Australian Workplace Strategies partners with you to help you deliver your information and communication in a way that builds, strengthens and above all keeps your staff engaged to drive the best of their efforts for your company’s success.