Fair Work Commission

The Fair Work Commission is Australia’s national workplace relations tribunal. It is an independent body with range of functions. Employers, subject to certain guidelines, may be represented by agents – usually lawyers or industrial advocates, in matters before the Fair Work Commission. Whilst this tribunal is supposed to be a place where employees and employers are able to settle their differences without the assistance of advocates, the reality is quite different. Employees in the majority of cases, are represented by union officials, who are usually very experienced in the industrial relations process. Employers are often represented by employer associations, whose focus is on their members, not necessarily on the needs of the employer in a particular matter.

Employer association advocates are usually under considerable time pressures to service as many of their members as possible, which means they can not provide the same focus as an advocate acting for a single client. At Australian Workplace Strategies, we have very experienced advocates, who are able to bring their experience to bear on the employer’s problem of the moment, whether it is an unfair dismissal matter, industrial action, preparation of enterprise agreements for certification or any other matter which requires representation before the Fair Work Commission.

Our advocates are able to save clients money by advising on likely outcomes and providing pragmatic solutions. At AWS, we will always present you with alternative solutions, together with recommendations as to the one which best suits your business needs. However, the choice of action will be made by you, after consideration of the alternatives.