Australian Workplace Strategies is much more than a traditional recruitment agency.  Many employers do not have the resources to handle their recruiting needs in-house.  AWS offers those employers an innovative solution – recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).  Through RPO, employers utilise the expertise and resources of our exceptional, experienced consultants to attract and retain the most sought-after talent.

Our focus is to find employees who will fit seamlessly into your workplace and have the character, qualifications and skills necessary to contribute to your long-term business goals.

The team at AWS is committed to delivering solutions, not a ‘cookie-cutter’ service.  Our consultants are professional, persistent and results-driven.  Open, honest communication is one of the keys to our success.  No matter how tough the assignment, we don’t give up.  Often, the very best candidates are not scouring the newspapers in search of the next position.  That’s why at Australian Workplace Strategies, we use our database and extensive contacts, in concert with print and online campaigns and of course, social media