Workplace Investigations

Workplaces continue to gain complexity and present new challenges and risks. AWS has developed an outstanding reputation for assisting clients in Melbourne to manage risk and resolve disputes, by conducting thorough, impartial workplace investigations. Preparing logical, evidence-based reports, we deliver solutions.

A wide range of issues may require investigation by an employer – bullying, harrasment, fraud, theft, drug use, safety issues are just some of the more common ones we encounter.

Independent Workplace Investigations

The investigations team at Australian Workplace Strategies includes experienced legal practitioners, trained psychologists and retired police officers, providing factual investigation services regarding:

  • employee fraud or theft
  • misuse of the employer’s resources
  • inappropriate behaviour including bullying, harrassing or discriminatory behaviour
  • OHS concerns and workplace accidents
  • drug use

Servicing organisations across a range of industries and in locations across Australia and New Zealand, we work closely with clients to tailor an approach best suited to their needs. AWS has undertaken investigation services for both the private and public sectors for many years, with a strong focus on providing value, being accountable and keeping the client informed. Organisations requiring independent workplace investigators should contact us for an obligation-free consultation, to discuss our capabilities.

workplace investigations meeting with staff

Does your business require a workplace investigation?

Deciding whether a workplace investigation is warranted is the most important consideration in these situations and if the answer is yes, here are some helpful steps of what you should do.

  1. Take action straight away to diffuse any situations.
  2. Don’t pre-judge anyone, get the facts first.
  3. Decide upon an investigator – make sure they are experienced and impartial
  4. Make a plan of attack
  5. Perform interviews with the necessary individuals
  6. Gather evidence including all relevant documentation
  7. Evaluate your findings
  8. Take suitable action and document everything

Need help performing your workplace investigation in Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia? Contact us today.